Strictly Limited Games


Strictly Limited Games publishes physical video games in strictly limited quantities for modern

platforms. Our line-up of games ranges from well-known IPs such as Wonder Boy, Bubble Bobble,

Space Invaders and Turrican to awesome niche game experiences like Sisters Royale. We work closely

with legendary partners like TAITO, Tozai Games and Success.

As being some of the best in the market of today, our Collector’s Editions, featuring high-quality fan

favorite contents, are enjoyed by a passionate video game enthusiast community located all around

the world.

We often look for games that otherwise would not get a western physical edition or any physical

edition at all. We also have a dedicated focus to unearth and resurrect games from back in the day

that may have never gotten a proper release. This includes former arcade-only titles, as well as

games previously only available in Japan.


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